What are the Schnucks Bags 4 My Cause bags?

The Schnucks Giving bag and the Schnucks Hunger bag are both durable, reusable shopping totes that make it easy for you to support great causes and/or help fight hunger in your local community. Every time you purchase one of the Giving bags, Schnucks donates $1 to a local cause. Every time you purchase a Hunger bag, we donate $1 to a local hunger relief organization.

How do you determine which organizations will benefit?

Each month, every store team will choose one local cause and one hunger relief organization to benefit from that month’s sale of respective bags at their store. Signs will be posted on the specially-designed bag display rack to let customers know which groups have been selected for that particular month at that particular store.

Are there other benefits to these bags?

When you use these bags, you show others that you not only care about the community but also about the environment because you are choosing a more eco-friendly way to bring your groceries home.

How much does the bag cost?

Each Bags 4 My Cause bag costs $2.99, with $1 of that purchase price going to support either a cause or a hunger relief organization, depending on which bag is purchased.

How will the benefiting organizations get their $1 donation when I buy a bag?

Each bag purchased will be tracked and the chosen organizations will receive a check within 4-6 weeks after their beneficiary month ends. They will receive $1 for each bag sold during their chosen month.

Where can I purchase these bags?

Both the Giving bag and Hunger bags are available at all 100 Schnucks store locations.
To find the Schnucks store nearest you, click here.*

Can these bags be purchased in bulk quantities?

Purchasing these bags for friends, family, colleagues, and/or members of any groups with whom you are involved is a terrific idea! The bags make great gifts and show support for the community at the same time. For information on bulk orders, please contact: schnucksinfo@bags4mycause.com

Will the bags be easy to find in the store?

Be sure to look for the specially-designed bag display rack at your local Schnucks store. If you need help finding it, be sure to ask one of our teammates for assistance.

How many organizations benefit from the sale of these bags?

Every month, up to 100 not-for-profit organizations and 100 hunger relief organizations will benefit – one not-for-profit organization and one hunger relief organization per store. Recipient organizations change monthly.

What is the overall goal of this program?

Nourishing lives locally and protecting our planet globally…these are the simple but profound goals of our Bags 4 My Cause program.

How do I know which organizations are benefiting from my bag purchase?

The names of the benefiting organizations will appear directly on the bag display rack in each store. Additionally, you can visit this site to learn the name of each store’s organizations and to watch the donation totals grow as we update the numbers.

How can I suggest an organization for Bags 4 My Cause?

We welcome community submissions!  Click here to submit a cause for consideration.

How can I promote the Schnucks – Bags 4 My Cause program to help generate more donations to the local causes I care about?

You can help spread the word by encouraging people you know to purchase these two special reusable bags, through social media, email, telephone calls or casual conversation. People will feel good knowing they are supporting their community and helping the environment.

When will the not-for-profit organizations receive their donation?

All checks are sent to the benefiting organizations 4-6 weeks after their beneficiary month ends.

Still have questions?
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The Schnucks Bags 4 My Cause Program ended on December 31, 2018. Thank you to our customers who supported this program over the past two years, and to the dedicated nonprofits who benefited, and who work so hard to make an impact in our communities. Any nonprofits awaiting the final distribution of funds will receive them by March 1, 2019. If you have questions about the status of your nonprofit's funds, please contact Stephanie Nelson, Program Manager, at (603) 380-9400, extension 107. Schnucks' commitment to nourishing the lives of people in our communities continues. To learn more about other community efforts, please visit our Community web page.